24 months to 35 months

Two-year-olds are constantly in motion and use their natural curiosity for hands-on discovery. Two’s need a rich learning environment that develops self-regulation and cognitive skills and that expands their vocabulary.

Our student teacher ratio within the 2 year old program is 8:1 with a class size of 14 to 16 and 2 teachers.  This allows teachers to involve themselves more productively with each child. By this stage in their development, routines and schedules become a big part of the child’s day and promote stability and security.

Potty training is a familiar theme with parents of a 2 year old.  With this in mind, the Trussville Child Development Center
staff will partner with the parent/s to help reinforce efforts being taken at home to potty train their child.  Keeping in mind that one of the criteria to enter the 3 year old program is to be 100% potty-trained.

Learning Environment Centers are introduced in the 2 year old classroom and include: circle time, dramatic play, art center, blocks, small motor skills, music, and book/literacy area.  Every child will participate in activities that are socially, physically, intellectually and psychologically age appropriate.  Children learn by doing and through exploration and play. Our skilled teachers are adept at turning play time into learning activities. 

Classroom Goals

  • Low student to teacher ratio


  • Supportive, nurturing professional care in a Christ-centered environment


  • Monthly Thematic activities purposely fashioned to engage


  • Focus on learning concepts appropriate for this age group


  • Regular communication between teachers and parents to stay informed about your child’s day