12 months and walking to 23 months

In their quest for independence, toddlers are developing many new skills – walking, talking, and discovering what they can do. Their sense of discovery needs to be encouraged while developing language skills through investigative, meaningful learning experiences.


Our toddler teachers/caregivers at the Trussville Child Development Center are qualified professionals. Our programs offer a low 5:1 student/teacher ratio. Toddler Rooms are probably the most energetic of all classrooms. In a loving and nurturing environment our teachers/caregivers keep a close watch as they help each child grow and explore.


The Toddler Classroom’s emphasis is on a more unified classroom schedule. Toddler teachers know, for toddlers to feel comfortable, happy, safe, and secure they require consistency on a day-to-day basis. With that in mind, our Toddler Staff sets age appropriate classroom schedules, with the learning curriculum starting each morning at 9:00AM. The toddler will follow set routines and will quickly acclimate to the daily schedule.


Based on a monthly theme, the Trussville Child Development Center Toddler Staff plans age appropriate activities that allow hands on experiences for toddlers. Some of the activities used in the classroom include: story time, finger plays, art activities, music and songs. Toddlers will learn about body awareness, self-concept, language skills, and reasoning skills, along with number, shape and color recognition and the world around them.


A second language for toddlers is offered as Basic Sign Language which is taught to supplement and enhance verbal language skills.

Classroom Goals

  • Low student to teacher ratio


  • Caring and nurturing professional care environment


  • Developmentally appropriate activities, playtime and learning daily


  • Focus on sensory exploration, and developing language and communication skills.


  • Regular communication between teachers and parents to stay informed about your child’s day