6 weeks to 12 months

Baby’s first year is an exciting time with lots of exploration and discovery. Research shows experiences that involve sensory and motor investigations and engage infants in social interaction help to build brain connections.


By offering low student/teacher ratios our center is able to provide more one-on-one interaction. This allows infants to develop a trusting relationship with their caregiver and grow as separate individuals in a loving and nurturing environment. It also gives our caregivers the opportunity to relay in more detail those little things that happen in your child’s day.


Each infant will be cared for based upon the schedule identified by the parent. As the development of the infant increases, the staff at the Trussville Child Development Center will adjust the routine to meet the need of each individual child.


Infants do more than just eat and sleep. Therefore, our teachers are required to develop weekly plans that are designed to help develop the senses of sight, sound and touch bringing about more awareness of the infants surroundings.

Program Features

  • Low student to teacher ratio


  • Nurturing responsive care environment


  • Developmentally appropriate activities, materials, and toys


  • Focus on cognitive, sensory and motor skills through play and activities


  • Regular communication between teachers and parents to stay informed about your child’s day