Our preschools combine learning experiences and structured play in a fun, safe and nurturing environment – offering far more than just child care. Preschool is the first introduction to a lifetime of learning, a journey that should start off on the right foot. We help children discover, explore and learn to their fullest potential.


Our enthusiastic teachers genuinely care about children, and understand each child’s individual developmental needs and learning styles. They take the time to help each child discover, in his or her own way, a fascinating world of play and learning.


Our preschools encourage a highly productive partnership between teachers, principals and parents. As a partner, you’ll have numerous opportunities to communicate with us about your child’s progress.

Program Features

  • Low student to teacher ratio


  • Nurturing responsive care environment


  • Developmentally appropriate activities, materials, and toys


  • Focus on cognitive, sensory and motor skills through play and activities


  • Regular communication between teachers and parents to stay informed about your child’s day